Learning the Twitters - week 5

Learning the Twitters - week 5

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Right! This will be a short and sweet update. Here's the results from the last weeks Twitter usage.

Twitter stats for end of wk4
Twitter ratios for end of wk4

As predicted, this week saw less stellar growth. I tweeted less, due to various commitments, and as a result my mentions dropped by pretty much the same amount.

My profile visit and impression ratios did increase a little though, perhaps due to me niching down more, meaning my tweets probably resonated better. This is further evident by my follower conversion rate increasing to 13%! Not bad.

I reckon if started I tweeted more often again, and shared the WIPs of my side hustles more often too, that that followers ticker will start creeping up again.

But to be honest, I think I've mastered one of the goals from this whole exercise already - I learned how to actually use Twitter in a way that benefits me and the people I want to interact with. Getting a larger audience faster would be great, but I'm sure I'll get there eventually without becoming social media obsessed or by being try-hard and annoying.

I'd rather just partake in the community and let it grow at a natural pace. I'm not interested in becoming a Twitter audience guru or some such. So the focus will be on making things people use or find valuable and have them notice.

I hope this more laidback and natural approach will result in my followers being more connected and aligned with my interests, and me enjoying Twitter for what it is. I'm not keen on fretting about audience growth every second day, and trying to optimise it in ways that feel unnatural or manipulative.

Hopefully this will result in my audience knowing and 'getting' me better. And if I do want them to check out at my products, they'll hopefully be more inclined to be receptive.

I'll do the occasional update on any major milestones I reach - like 1000 followers, ect - but for now I think this series is done.

If you've been following for the start, thanks for reading! I hope you got some tips and ideas from it.

And as always, follow me on the Twitters @RikNieu and let me know what you think.

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