Latest Projects - Website is an advanced Twitter search tool for those who don't want to mess with advanced search queries on the platform itself.

It is written in NextJS and deployed to Vercel. The project was made in order for me to play around with NextJS and Vercel offerings. I enjoyed it so much I think it will be my stack of preference for the future.

Coddle(2020) - Web App

Coddle was a SAAS service that checked up on your websites and let you know when there are any server errors, or if your https certificates were about to expire.

Coddle had 3 components; a web front-end built with ReactJS, a back-end built with FeathersJS TypeScript and MongoDB, and a service runner built with NodeJS. Screenshots are take with Puppeteer and saved to a Digital Ocean S3 Spaces Object Storage.

As with my other projects, notifications were sent with Twilio and SparkPost.

I shut Coddle down due to a lack of interest from the market.

Spieel(2019) - Android App

Spieel App Screenshot
Spieel App

Spieel was a simple, daily mood tracking app for Android built with React-Native, with a HapiJS & MongoDB backend, running on Docker. Images are saved to a Digital Ocean S3 Spaces Object Storage.

Some additional services used include Twilio and SparkPost.

Spieel was shut down due to a lack of interest from the market.

Remote React Jobs(2018) - Web App

Remote React Jobs Screenshot
Remote React Jobs

Remote React Jobs was a simple job board that pulls ReactJS and React-Native job postings from various sources and collates them all in one simple-to-use website. Companies can post their job posting directly to the site too.

This website was an evolution of a previous job board, Blockchain Dev Jobs, and was built with more-or-less the same tech stack.

This iteration refactored and simplified the codebase of Blockchain Dev Jobs in order to make it flexible enough to quickly spin up different job boards based around different niches, without having to spend too much time refactoring.

Stack used;

  • Php 7
  • JQuery
  • Sparkpost
  • Paddle
  • SQLite

I quite working on RemoteReactJobs due to it not gaining any significant traction or interest.

Blockchain Dev Jobs(2017) - Web App

Blockchain Dev Jobs was a test project created in order to see how I can get a simple site from idea to production as fast as possible. The idea was not to use the best, latest or sexiest stack, it was simply ship as soon as possible. The first production site was live within 3 weeks, working the a few odd hours on weekends.

The stack is nearly identical to Remote React Jobs.

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