10 libraries that don't run on the new MBPs yet

10 libraries that don't run on the new MBPs yet

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Even though I have my issues with Apple's MacBooks(DONGLES!), I'm still pretty excited for the new ARM-based MacBook Pro. My current machine is nearing the end of its life, and I am on the prowl for an updated one.

And with posts like this one by MacRumors, indicating that the freaking ARM MacBook Air will outperform any existing Mac on a single-core, and on multi-core it wipes the floor with all of the 2019 16-inch MacBook Pros, I'm really blown away by the possible performance increases the new MacBook Pro would offer!

But beneath my excitement for the much-touted performance and battery-life improvements lurks the potential compatibility issues that switching to new silicon could bring.

Will I spend the money equivalent to a small countries GDP, and then sit with a spoiled-brat machine refusing to work with the icky libraries and tools I use on a daily basis? Also, would stuff I code on an ARM MBP work on my Intel & Linux servers?

Well, other developers have been wondering the same, and someone started a helpful issues thread on the Homebrew Github, with a list of popular libraries and tools, and if they work on the new Macs.

Here's 10 tools and libraries that, as-of 12 Nov 2020, are still not fully supported yet.

  • Bash
  • Cask
  • Cocoapods
  • Numpy
  • Docker
  • Openjdk (Gradle, Elasticsearch, React-Native, Android, Jenkins, Maven)
  • Go (Kubernetes)
  • MySQL
  • Postgress
  • Zsh

Those would be crucial to get working before I'd seriously consider forking out the cash for a new Mac. Let's watch this space.

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