Christmas & New Years indulgence won't kill your diet

Christmas & New Years indulgence won't kill your diet

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It's been 2 months since my last weight-loss post, and my latest results have been just as crazy. Since November I've lost an additional 5kg/11lbs, and this is over the holiday period!

Of course, I didn't go completely overboard and gorge myself over December, but I certainly did have my share of crips, chocolate, ice-cream and soft drinks. And you do notice that by a slight tick upwards in my results for December, but overall it's not a train smash at all.

I also had fast food again for the first time in months, and learned that if you haven't had french fries in a while, you actually start losing a taste for it. It ends up tasting like bland, oily, salty things with little-to-no flavour. Now, I'd rather skip those and get veggies. For real!

Results and progress

Chart showing weekly weight loss progress(in kg)

Since September 2020 I went from 80kg/176.37lbs to a smidge over 69kg/152lbs, and am now nearing the point where I shouldn't really go that much lower, for the sake of my health. I reckon 1kg/2lbs more and that should be good enough for now.

I admit, I don't have that six-pack just yet(although it's close!), but I've lost multiple pant sizes and have had to buy a new belt too. Not bad for someone who never goes to bed hungry.

"Why not go all the way and cut till you can see those blocks of Adonis on your torso?", you may ask. Well, I don't have much muscle mass at this stage either, so losing more will only serve to make me look and feel sickly and weak.

I'll have to postpone that little vanity metric of super abs until later in the year, and change my body composition a bit first. As stated previously, my goal in all of this is actually long-term health benefits, not so much looking like a MensHealth cover model. That would be HIGHLY unlikely to ever happen anyway, thanks to the handicap of having my face.

Next up: gaining weight

When I reach an average weekly weight of 68kg/150lbs, I'm going to put a hold on losing and rather maintain that for another 2 weeks. Then start focusing on bulking up on muscle for the next 3-4 months. I reckon reaching 68 should be doable within 2 weeks or so, unless there's a major upset to my routine.

Gaining weight again would mean having to eat more than I'm currently used to, in conjunction with lifting weights and exercising. I've already prepped things to allow me to train in the comfort of my own garage, so there'll be no excuses. Even lockdowns won't phase me anymore, pandemic be damned!

All-in-all, this is likely my last weight-loss specific post for a while, as I'll be seeing the kilos & pounds pack on again very soon.

This will, of course, inevitably mean increasing body fat again too, since you can't gain muscle without gaining fat, but I'm not too concerned with that at this stage. I'll simply cut again after a few months - I now know that I can do it, and I know exactly how.

My plans and endeavours towards this new phase of bodyweight hacking will be addressed in a future post.

Writing a book

Since I'm one who's interested in and preoccupied with creating products and side-projects, I'll be compiling what I've learned into a guide called the WeightHackers Guide To Losing Weight.

Currently, in Jan 2021, the site is just a landing page to allow interested folks to sign up to be notified when the book is done, but I plan to flesh it out into a full blown resource on body weight hacking, with blog posts, guides and a community.

This project will also see me delve into the world of SEO and marketing, without getting distracted by the tech side of things, like with trying to conjure up a SAAS. Let's see if it all works out OK. 👍

Why write another weight-loss book? My insane progress and the sheer predictability of this method makes me feel confident that it's a topic I've gained some real useful and practical knowledge in, and that I'll be able to refine and condense it into a form that would help others tremendously, without having to spin their wheels like I had to, for years.

I realise I'll need to build up some authority on this topic first, but I'm playing the long game and hopefully I'll have some pics to share that will tickle the interest of some of my readers some more. The WeightHackers blog will also be a way for me to share info and show what I know, so hopefully I'll bulk up my reputation in this field too.

Anyway, back to the guide - it'll be a no-nonsense, to-the-point manual on how to lose weight in a realistic and sustainable way, while still living your life like a normal human being and eating foods that are affordable, tasty, easy to find and won't take forever to prepare.

The WeightHackers Guide To Losing Weight will include;

  • An introduction to a 4-phased behavioural adjustment approach, easing you into a healthier diet and lifestyle.
  • Strategies and techniques to help you stick with healthy choices
  • A guide to measuring and tracking progress to help you stay on track
  • A choice of some simple and doable exercise plans. Exercise is not mandatory at all though, you'll still lose weight even if you do nothing! I did absolutely no exercise the last 3 weeks, and still lots tons. I only started training again on new years day.
  • Some example recipes for dishes made with normal, freely available and affordable food and ingredients(with complementary shopping lists to help save you time!)
  • A 100% money-back guarantee if you buy it and feel it's a waste of your time and money.

Thanks for reading. If you have any comments or suggestions, follow and contact me on Twitter @RikNieu

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